Learn & Earn with ITC IOT Training Program

Duration : 2 Months

Lecture Timing : 2 hour

Become a Certified IOS Developer

The most popular and widely used mobile operating system worldwide is iOS. It was created by Apple and boasted the most rapidly expanding library of apps, which surpassed 3.3 million in 2018. With billions of users throughout the world, there is still potential for additional apps, which also means you may profit from the process. This is where our online course on iOS development course in Lahore.

In these video tutorials, you can learn how to make an Android app by following along with the experts. Create custom Android applications or integrate Java programs into your Android development workflow. There has been a revolution brought on by smartphones. These days, applications are available for everything.

The rise in the popularity of applications and Android smart devices has given everyone a new opportunity to succeed financially and professionally in this industry. If you have similar thoughts, you should apply as soon as possible for this online course offered by the ITCIOT Institute of Technology on Android app development. You might be surprised to learn that Android currently accounts for 85% of the smartphone market. Online training in Android app development is therefore necessary. This course also contains a Java course, giving you a well-rounded education in app development.

So Who Should Enroll in Our IOS App Development Course Online?

We draw a varied range of android development aficionados, whether you are a student, a hobbyist who enjoys IOS programming, or a professional currently employed in this industry.

  • IOS app development students in particular
  • Those who want to create their apps for the app store
  • Those who desire to discover the newest trade secrets and are working as Android app developers
  • Employees of software houses and app development firms that desire to hone their Android app development abilities
  • Owners of businesses that wish to learn how to create Android iOS apps for their enterprises
  • Anyone interested in developing apps for the Android or Google Play Store as a profession

What You Will Learn

A learner will be able to after finishing this course:

  • Give ideas and examples using the fundamental principles of design
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of graphic design with the aid of theory and practice.
  • Use the fundamental principles of graphic design in your freelance assignments.
  • Use graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop professionally.
  • List the crucial business roles held by graphic designers.
  • Design logos, posters, billboards, calendars, websites, infographics, and a variety of other graphic-related tasks.
  • Earn money by doing the jobs above on the internet market.
  • Meet the internet market's demands for freelance work as a graphic designer.

ITC Institute of Technology (ITCIOT)

ITCIOT is a renowned IT training institute based in Pakistan. With its offices located in Lahore and Faisalabad, the institute is dedicated to equipping individuals with the practical skills to thrive in the rapidly changing technology industry. Whether you are looking to develop new skills or enhance your existing ones, ITCIOT is committed to providing you with top-notch training and support to help you succeed.

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